lunedì 11 febbraio 2008


About THIS video that I shot two days ago in Wolverhampton Railway Station.
and about THIS thread that talk about my video.
Guys this is a huge misunderstanding!
I didn't want to portray a bit of harmless celebration as something scandalous!
Sorry to have called you "Hooligans", but I didn't know anything about the Stoke and
It's my bad.. but I did not out to pique you all!
I've raised up the title.
I don't know if there were violence, I've only filmed what I have seen.
And I've pasted it up.
that's it.

I'm not a Wolves fan in disguise.
I'm a tourist. :)



7 commenti:

Den ha detto...

He'a a tourist and he doesn't understand soccer at all. :)))
Forgive him...

Bobo ha detto...

Ma ti hanno picchiato?

Ninf ha detto...

mi sfugge qualche verbo inglese in realtà!!! .... ma che è successo!?!?!? ma combini sempre guai?!?!

Ninf ha detto...

sono stata su you tube... ora ho capito!!! ^_^
e bravo teo!!!

Wilkie ha detto...

Picchiato?? Oddio Bobo, sempre così drastico...

Diciamo che se non mi vedete più in Italia, bhè, sapete il motivo... :))

Ma vaaaaa! che siam tutti bravi ragazzi... a me poi, che del calcio me ne frega men che meno!

Den ha detto...

Secondo me Bobo voleva chiedere: "Ma ti hanno ALMENO picchiato?"

Julie ha detto...

Ahh Kara told me about the drama with this video so I needed to see it. All I can say is wow, some people need to chill out! These people were surrounded by a thousand others who agree with them and they still freak out about ONE person who (questionably and accidentally) offends them? Craziness.